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On The Bit Farm is a safe and secure location to board your horse. Located in central Texas, close to Houston, Austin and Dallas, it offers Full Service Top Notch Professional Care and a range of services and facilities that can be tailored to your needs. Each of our horses has an individualized feeding and care program, supplements can be added as provided by the owner.


The Owners, Donna and Rob Meyer live onsite and feed the horses a minimum of 4x per day. Full Care board provides peace of mind for daily turn out, stall cleaning, health checks, blanketing, fly control, appts for vet and farrier work, and regular deworming.


Facilities include 12’ by 12’ stalls to 12’ by 16’, wash rack with hot and cold water, rubber mats in stalls, monitored drinking water levels in stalls, ceiling fans, gabled roof in barn aisle, air conditioned tack room with individual cubby boxes, saddle and bridle racks, bathroom, full size excellent dressage arena, stadium jumps, trails, daily pasture turn out.


On site owners, professional trainer and instructor,


Full Board and lesson package encouraged-HUGE savings!

(Includes 4 private lessons or training sessions per month) $900


Full Board only- $700



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