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RIP Prince Charming, 1987-2016, my great teacher, my friend and wonderful companion. 

Romanov and I showed Memorial weekend May 2015 after recovering from a severe injury last fall. We did our new Intermediare Freestyle. Had a blast and even scored a 69.2! Here is the link-

Two Tempi Challenge Sept 2015 in honor of my friend Evie Tumlin. 

Romanov and I at Conrad Schmacher clinic Nov 2014 and May 2015. Awesome time!!

Congradulations to Candy Brake and Hero and Karin Loftin and Fritz, year end award winners at HDS Banquet!

Group trail ride out at Anne Johnsons

Cold but Fun at the HDS schooling show championships with Cindy, Candy and Karin


A great Day had by all at the BACH show

at Topsider Farm

My students are so brave!!

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