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Lessons and Training


Lessons packages and discounts for Juniors!


Some lesson horses available -one pony and one horse.

Lessons on your own horse encouraged. Haul-ins welcome! 

New all weather outdoor dressage arena with phenomenal footing! 

OBF is well located for dressage instruction for anyone in USDF region 9. Weekly or occasional students can attend for constructive lessons on their own horses or on OBF’s horses. Lessons are given at OBF farm and other area farms with covered arenas, Donna also teaches at other locations further from the College Station area when clinics are organized.


Dressage is the foundation of all riding and riders of many different disciplines train and learn dressage at OBF. On any day you may find Event riders, Hunter-Jumpers, Western, and Pleasure riders, as well as Dressage students. Riders of any age, all levels and horses of all breeds and disciplines are welcome, including beginners and training level through FEI. Donna is a recognized Instructor with USDF, a Silver and Bronze Medalist with USDF, and a nationally recognized "r" dressage judge with USEF. 

Donna attended the Training The Trainers workshop with the WDAA, Western Dressage Association Of American achieving a certificate of achievement. She is also a "R" USEF Western National Dressage Judge and judged the Western Dressage National Championship's in 2021. She is teaching quite a bit of western dressage as it is becoming very popular among western riders with non warmblood type horses.



Individualized training packages available based on the needs of the horse and owner

OBF accepts horses in training from just started under saddle to more advanced work. Our training philosophy is to take a sympathetic approach to the horse and teach him the basics of training that allow him to be ridden forward, turn and stop with light aids from the rider. The system of following the training scale is always kept in mind. Keeping the young horse in balance is the key to being able to use the lighter aids. Emphasis is on balancing the horse so that the owner can accomplish these basics without harsh aids. Working with the horse from the ground to instill trust in people plus respect and manners is also part of this phase of training.

Horses also come into training that already have their basic training and are ready to move on. The training program progresses into getting more connected from the back to the front improving the process of getting the horse on the aids. The horses are also schooled outside of the arena, through water, poles and cavaletti and small jumps, if jumping is part of his program.

When horses have accomplished the level of training previously mentioned, then they are ready for learning the lateral movements and/or jumping bigger fences and courses. Horses progressing from first to second level will be taught collection, shoulder-in, travers, and simple changes of lead, as well as counter canter. Jumping horses will learn to balance in tighter turns, collect their strides or extend their strides on the way to the jumps, jump bigger fences, and do cross-country jumping as well.

Horses in training are fed grain at least twice daily and given hay up to 5 times per day according to their weight and need. Horses are turned out four to eight hours per day except in really bad weather.

Owners of horses in training are taught how to ride their horses as they are trained. Owners are encouraged to watch training sessions whenever possible. If owners need to improve their riding skills in order to ride their own horses, riding instruction is available on schooled horses.

Overall, it is our goal at OBF to bring horses and their owners closer together through the process of improving the horse's rideablity and the owners riding skill.


Limited amount of space so can give quality time to each

Can be per session or monthly on site

Off site- include mileage

I specialize in confirming the basics with young horses and helping them understand connection to be able to proceed up the levels.

Having shown countless numbers of horses to year end awards confirms her training follow a systematic approach with successful results.

Because she devotes all the time she needs in each horse only a limited number of horses can be accepted at one time.


Owners are provided with regular information about the progress of their horses.


Students- Riders come from all over, youth, College age and adult

This could be you! Call for a lesson!



Working students- OBF often has positions open for those wishing to learn more about Equines, their care, training and health. Students can work in exchange for riding lessons also. Contact Donna for more information.


Juniors- under 18 yrs

Monthly Package (4 Private)- $270

Private (45 min session)- $70

Private -1/2 hour session- $50

Semi-Private (60 min)- $50

Groups- 3-4 riders (60-90 Min)- $45




Monthly Package (4 Private)- $290

Private (45 min session)- $75

Private -1/2 hour session- $60

Semi-Private (60 min)- $65

Groups- 3-4 riders (60-90 Min)- $50



The cost for quality lessons and horse boarding does not have to be high. We want everyone to experience the joy of riding!


The prices for riding lessons and boarding at On the Bit Farm are a great value with resident instructor, Donna Meyer, a USDF Associate Certified Instructor, FEI competitor and judge.


Her extensive experience riding, training and teaching are well known throughout the Region. Lessons are offered at all levels in private, semi private or group sessions.


Packages are encouraged but must be purchased at start of month and used by end of month. Cancellation policy- if less than 24 hr notice and time cannot be filled than a lesson fee will be charged. Otherwise make-ups can be arranged per request.

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