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Equine Insurance Agent for all your needs for Mortality, Liability and Farm Insurance

The basic idea behind insurance is that you are paying a fee to an insurance company in order to transfer your risk of an eventual loss to them, and the fee you are paying is significantly less than the amount the company has agreed to pay you in the event such a loss happens.


So, if you cannot afford to replace your horse in the event of a loss, or even more important for many of us, if you cannot afford the costs of veterinary care in the event your horse suffers a serious illness or injury, insurance can be a cost-effective way to mitigate your risk. For many of us, our horses are best friends and family, and we absolutely do not want to be in a situation where financial considerations dictate the quality of care that we’re able to provide.

Or, even if you have the funds on hand to absorb these losses, you may still choose to invest a much smaller amount each year on insurance premiums so that you are not forced to tap into your savings if the unexpected happens.

Look for someone who is willing to answer your questions promptly and clearly, responds to emails and voicemails in a timely manner, and will provide you with a binder as proof of coverage until the actual insurance policy is mailed to you.


And most importantly, find an agent who is also an experienced horse person-someone who knows combined driving from combined training as well as a hock from a hole in the ground. You want someone who understands your passion.

“Your coverage is as good as your agent.”

Contact me for information on your equine insurance needs


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