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At On The Bit Farm we strive to provide individualized programs to suit the needs of each horse and rider.

Our aim is to provide instruction for horses and riders in a safe, fun, relaxed, yet professional atmosphere. We help riders both set and achieve short and long term goals for riding, training and horse management whether a first time horse owner or a serious competition rider. We take our riding seriously but have fun doing it!


Our primary goal at On The Bit Farm is to provide the opportunity for our students to learn the important “life lessons” which are an integral part of “horse lessons”. Horses do far more than just allow us to ride them; they lead us to better places in life. Horses allow their humans opportunities to learn patience, team work, and compassion thru hard work and partnership, thus increasing self esteem and building a work ethic which will endure for years to come.

I want to create happy horses, thinking riders and harmonious dance partners~

Each horse and rider always teach me something, we all win.

Watching the successes of our students and their horses make it all worthwhile!

We offer a full list of services, please click on the links below for more information on each.


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